EMIS Group plc Annual Report and Accounts 2019


For over 30 years, EMIS Group’s passion for integrated healthcare has driven the goal to ensure that clinicians have access to the information they need through excellent technology.


EMIS Group is focussed on innovation for the NHS and business-to-business (B2B) healthcare industry. Innovative technology will drive improvements to healthcare efficiency and better patient outcomes.


EMIS Group delivered positive revenue growth and adjusted profit growth, maintaining its nine-year track record of increasing dividends by 10% year on year.


Total revenue

£159.5m +7%

Reported cash generated from operations

£50.1m -

Reported EPS

36.0p -

Recurring revenue1

£125.0m +4%

Adjusted cash generated from operations1


Adjusted EPS1

51.4p +14%

Reported operating profit

£26.8m -3%

Net cash

£31.1m +£15.5m

Total dividend for the year

31.2p +10%

Adjusted operating profit1

£39.3m +9%

1 Recurring revenue, adjusted operating profit, adjusted cash generated from operations and adjusted EPS are all alternative performance measures. See page 22 of the annual report and accounts 2019 for further details and reconciliation to the relevant IFRS number.

  • Leadership positions maintained in key NHS markets
  • EMIS Health appointed to the NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) and the NHS GP IT Futures framework and Digital Buying Catalogue in England
  • Expanded the EMIS Enterprise business achieving outright leadership in community pharmacy
  • As part of the focus on future strategy, completed the internal transition and organisational plans underway through the year
  • Improved our operational efficiency, service and responsiveness to customers
  • Robust and resilient business model with 78% recurring revenues, net cash and market leading positions in key healthcare markets

At a glance

Our purpose is to enable better care through technology innovation.

  • Connecting care settings to improve patient experience and health outcomes
  • Empowering people through online access to clinically authored content and approved services
  • Delivering insight for clinicians to improve UK health and wellness
EMIS Health
Primary, community and acute care
of revenue in 2019
  • #1 in primary care
  • #2 in community
  • #1 in A&E
EMIS Enterprise
Medicines management
of revenue in 2019
  • #1 in community
  • #2 in hospital
Partners and other services
of revenue in 2019
  • 113 accredited
Patient-facing services
of revenue in 2019
  • #1 patient
    services app 
EMIS health.svg
The clinical software business, supplying innovative and essential technology to 10,000 healthcare organisations across every major UK health sector.
Dedicated to providing specialist ICT infrastructure, hardware and engineering services and non-clinical software into health and social care.
The UK’s leading independent provider of patient-centric medical and well-being information and related transactional services.
  • Strong positions in specialist markets
  • Opportunity to strengthen position in B2B healthcare sector markets over time both organically and by selective bolt-on acquisition
  • Excellent financial strength and track record
  • High levels of earnings visibility and cash generation
  • New technology driving future growth and efficiency

Chairman’s statement

We are focussed on delivering our strategy.”

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Chief Executive Officer’s statement

A positive year for EMIS Group.”

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Operational reviews


Connected healthcare solutions for strategic customers in alignment with market need and NHS policy.

  • Market shares
  • NHS primary care frameworks
  • EMIS-X
  • Improved go-to-market strategy
  • Streamlined support and service
  • Digitisation
  • Future plans


The release of the first Patient marketplace service is a true demonstration of joined-up healthcare technology in action.

  • Market shares
  • ProScript Connect upgrade
  • Other community pharmacy products and services
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Patient
  • The partner programme
  • Future plans

Our people

EMIS Group set out five key objectives to underpin its people strategy during 2019, with a continual focus on being a great place to work.

Our people.jpg

Our people strategy

  1. Inspirational leadership
  2. Talent and development
  3. Reward and recognition
  4. Culture and communication
  5. Operational excellence



Technology allows us to think as one

Ian Bailey
Queen’s Nurse, Clinical Design Director

"Caring for people more effectively in their own homes relieves pressure on busy hospitals. This relies on joined-up working."

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Party like it’s 2019

Haidar Samiei
Clinical Director, EMIS Health

“As a junior doctor, I was working in A&E on New Year’s Eve 1999, armed with only a backpack full of textbooks and a pager."

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A positive impact on medicines management

Shanel Raichura 
Clinical Director, EMIS Health

“People can now book appointments for services in their local community pharmacy through Patient Access."

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Easing pressure on general practices

Dr Sarah Jarvis
Clinical Director, Patient Platform Limited

“The average wait to see a GP is now two weeks and 40% of patients wait longer than this."

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A digital front door to primary care

Dr Shaun O’Hanlon
Chief Medical Officer, EMIS Group

“Digital healthcare benefits patients and clinicians.”

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